Photo & Poem: Beginnings


Dream Horse

He’s midnight black with
steely eyes, on hooves so
light they make no sound
as he sails and spins, and

gallops with trees in the wind.
Cut from a worn tire, his frayed
mane and tail replaced with
new purple cord, sometimes

years pass between pony rides
for children. An old campaigner
is still treasured, as those horses
who nicker and prance. Though

we’ve grown too big for his saddle,
honor a proud breed that carried
us far, this rubber monument to
a girlish phase never outgrown.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Clinician, Equine Pro

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Anna Blake

30 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Beginnings”

  1. Janet and I put reins and rope stirrups on our swings and sat astride for many a mile, galloping cross country, dressage, and beach rides too.

    Nice memories unlocked by your poem. Thank you.

  2. Lovely tribute to our earliest fantasies of our future ponies..the wind in our hair and on our faces, the silhouette in the sunset… lovely tribute Anna. Thank you!

  3. Evocative of childhood dreams and, for those of us luck enough to have a horse, we still spin and sail on our beloved steeds.

  4. I still remember fondly the horse my Dad made for me on a camping trip to an Eastern WA lake. I’d climb on his back each morning and be off for the day making many magical, wonderful memories.

  5. I took one of my dad’s wooden sawhorses and painted it brown ( I don’t recall asking if that was okay). Then I also raided his wood supply, taking a piece of plywood, and drew a horse head and neck on it. Cut out the shape with a coping saw . . . on and on I went until I had a quite presentable horse. I fashioned some kind of saddle but recall that the edges of the board that comprised his back pretty much cut into my legs. I “rode” my horse all over the country – without ever leaving my bedroom. To my wonderful dad’s credit, he said I had created a beautiful horse.

  6. My best friend and I rode on our very skinny, long sticks all around. We just knew we were the envy of the neighborhood. It took 30 years but I finally got the real thing that I had always secretly longed for. Good job, oh noble stick!

  7. The rocking chair’s foot stool turned on it’s side with string ‘reins’ pinned to it, you made me smile at the memory.

  8. I recall a store bought stick “horsey” on which I galloped. Who cared that his head was plastic? He was wild and fast in my dream. , but mostly I recall being 5 or so and riding behind my dad, holding on to his belt loops for trail rides in the mountains of Virginia, He always had quick and energetic mares, and I recall the sense of that horse beneath me, no fear …. and the sense of trusting my dad to keep me safe. We had a troubled relationship with much discord but I have eternal gratitude for those smooth thrilling rides in the mountains.

  9. I believe ALL of us with our horsey dreams when we were kids sure had a lot more fun than the current have-to-have phone, ipad, tablet bunch. They dont have a clue what they are missing! Just proves that having a good imagination beats electronics every day. You have to give me a little slack tho – I’ve been around for 80 years now & I wouldnt trade my childhood or my years with horses for anything.

      • There certainly ARE good things about the “tech thing”! Obviously – it brings me here. What I meant were the ones who spend ALL of their time heads down texting & following whatever rather than actual human interaction (or animal interaction). Far too many kids are in that category. For all the great good that is done – there needs to be time in the real world. You know – good old common sense!


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