Photo Challenge & Poem: Scale

The one you call cute, in a high-pitched
squeal, hears no compliment. Is it your goal
to demean me? Because you see me as less
does not make me your toy. Your cooing says

more about your standing in this herd than 
it does mine. This thing you call stubborn
is the obvious reply given to one with such 
arrogance. Such rude heckling and pink-faced

ranting does not rate an honest answer. You may
judge me but height is only a temporary advantage, 
easy to overcome. Your predator privilege lands 
hollow in the herd where we value each other's

strength. I don't understand you, Human, with your 
needy treat outstretched. Stand tall, you who
cannot find equity in your own herd, trust your
worth. You can earn respect here without bribery.
Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
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(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo–I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. I take these photos with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high-tech.)


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Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Photo Challenge & Poem: Scale”

  1. Anna, we must be riding the same wavelength. I’m in the middle of writing this months blog and I’m a little surprised by how much rant I have about the topic. Some of it will go, but I’m keeping the heart of it. I like that you’ve shared your lyrical rant with us – we all need reminding that horses are horses (and dogs are dogs for that matter too), not “oooo widdums iddums cutie pie doesee want a widdle foodie woooodie?”

  2. Two beautiful ponies off a feedlot. Been a year and a half. They have trained me. They trust food is always coming. They talk to me all the time. We still misunderstand each other.
    Or I misunderstand them. Have spoken Arab for mylifetime. Possibly these ponies are coming from an adolescents point of view. I hold the car keys.

    • They are not children, but speaking Arabian helps. Both demand mutual respect. But I think you know the difference between feeding them and teasing them. (My experience is that ponies get to feedlots because of poor understanding in the first place.) Thanks for helping them. And I’d lock up the charge cards, too.

  3. I had to read it twice to be take it in. I’m ALMOST five feet tall. When I was little, mom compared me to a little rooster. That being said, I love ponies and mares. I kinda smile internally when I hear people say they hate ponies and mares. Oh what joys are they missing.

  4. Like one of your other readers, I am a small person – and blonde to boot. People are often surprised by my intelligence…AND my strength! Your beautiful poem grants the respect the smaller among us deserve. Raffi will stand proud when I read it too him.

  5. Yes yes yes! On behalf of my terrier who even men call cute and who has a huge intellect and strong presence and myself who just passes five foot THANK YOU!

  6. Another vote for the ‘supposedly’ small. We are stronger than those who tower above us and our presence doesn’t require great song and dance!
    Great poem Anna ?

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  8. I loved this poem! I honestly laughed out loud, these words are so true! Thank you, Anna, for once again making what should be blatantly clear so obvious.

    • Oh, Annette. Look at that face again. It isn’t me; he’s the one who’s blatantly clear! He is an amazing, angry, confident soul. Thanks for reading.


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