Photo & Poem: Soft

Hands go soft, give him
his head. The red gelding
wants to be braver than
he is, shaking his neck

loose to a tentative trot.
Let him warm slowly to
the movement, discover for
himself the strength of his

stride, gradually lifting his
back under your saddle.
Huge hooves landing
quietly now as his neck

extends to a powerful arc,
his shoulders give rise to a
canter, eyes soft on a vertical
face. Give him his head.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Clinician, Equine Pro
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Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Soft”

  1. Oh this encompasses all that it is about allowing. Once again, my eyes are wet as I follow your words and feel his movement under me.

  2. Just when I think I’m over it, you show me I’m not……perhaps there never is a cure for no longer being in the saddle.

    • Oh sure there is. I don’t know that it’s a cure, but a distraction for sure. Flying to other countries to be with horses does it, too. Thanks, Annie.

  3. I so needed this right now. New red roan gelding, so very careful on these rocky trails here in Big South Fork, Tennessee. He has returned to me confidence. And I in turn to him. Both of us learning to trust again. Soft contact is the language. Soft hands that release quickly, he is emboldened. I am blessed.


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