Photo & Poem: The Sea’s Nature


The sea’s nature is change, waves rolling one
on top of the last, spent flat to the sand, then
sliding underneath, falling back as other waves

arise in a circle unbroken. Colors blend, bright
next to dark, around and under, tides keeping the
rhythm. Let them wash over and then seep away,

unable to hold on, learn to set free. Pain crashes,
joy launches, and the ocean with the might of the
moon, carries us on. Each droplet with jagged

boundaries polished, less friction and drag, tossed
to brilliance in mid-air, ever campaigning for the
present: run with the current, settle at the crest.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

10 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: The Sea’s Nature”

  1. Reading your poem I could hear large waves crashing as well as the slapping of inland water on rocky beaches, rhythmically drawing over pebbles in the sand. Thank you for the journey to peaceful places for me.

  2. I’m speechless for this one. I think I’ll just float along til I reach the crest. It’s okay, I have on my life vest.


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