Going Steady Signed Edition

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Going Steady takes up where Relaxed & Forward, Relationship Advice from Your Horse, left off.

For those who want to build a better relationship with their horse. These bite-sized essays on affirmative horse training, rescue stories, and “gray mare” thoughts are geared toward encouraging creative, affirmative partnerships through attitude and understanding as much as technique. Blake’s writing about horse training uses clear descriptions, a joy of storytelling, and some sideways humor to inspire meaningful, positive communication. Sometimes irreverent but always honest and horse-centric:


2 reviews for Going Steady Signed Edition

  1. ElloBrumby

    Love the way Anna writes and how the stories move in and out. This book really is for all readers not just “Horsey” people so much to learn about.

    • Anna Blake

      Thanks, Megan. I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Ute

    I am the happy reader of a tons of horse-books. Anne Blakes books are on top of my list. Also this one: Humor and serenity and a brilliant use of language – Anna did it again! READ IT!! <3

    • Anna Blake

      Thank you!!

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