Top 10 List: Riding in the Wind

Top 10 Wind List:

The advantages of not having an indoor arena on the flat, windy, treeless plains of Colorado.

10. Less time is spent working the arena -as all hoof prints are erased hourly, along with the top inch of sand.

9. Wind helps with the spring grooming -working like a brand new shedding blade.

8. Riding with feel is increased as your goggles get covered with dust, or you simply ride  with your eyes closed one direction .

7. Un-cued, near Rollkur-like vertical head position while going into a headwind, horse and rider alike.

6. Lateral wind helps aid half pass training -as well as going very deep into the corners.

5. Maintaining the rhythm of gaits on a circle in high winds makes riding ANY OTHER TIME effortless.

4. Halt into a head wind in one stride, followed by a back-up like a reining horse.

3. No need for rider to pay for expensive micro-derm abrasion skin treatments.

2. Mares will extend the trot with a wind-up-your-skirt sort of forward.

1. Gain a more balanced seat dodging the new neighbor’s flying lawn chairs, trash cans and wading pools. (Any fear of plastic bags was resolved long ago.)

Is belligerent optimism an oxymoron??

(Sumo finds me mildly amusing.)


Please hit the comment button and let me know what I left off the list.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 List: Riding in the Wind”

  1. Great list! You left off the nice Flying Nun effect wind gives donkeys’ ears.

    I’ll be out there this weekend for my dermabrasion. :->

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