Wealth That Money Can't Buy.

Lots of us struggle to balance horses and money. There is an assumption that owning horses is a rich person’s game, and especially in a sport like Dressage.  But not all of us have imported horses, or trailers worth more than a small home. Some of us have more passion than money, more try than ego, and enough commitment to muscle past surface distractions and get to the real heart of riding.

My truck was in the shop twice this week. My horse outgrew his extra-wide saddle- the one that replaced the wide saddle that he outgrew last year. There is a barn to-do list that grows faster than I keep up. I am thinking about money and I know I am not the only one.

I would hate to have a bit of financial resistance obscure the big picture. In an attempt to counterbalance the illusion of doom with something more real- here are some reminders from our boarded horses about what money can’t buy:

Money can’t buy a nicker when you walk into the barn; a greeting that is warm and comforting to hear. Max has a Barry White sort of nicker, known to turn heads of young and old. He has a massive heart with room for all your hopes and dreams.

Money can’t buy warm breath on your face. Namaste’ comes close and exhales softly- his breath smells of hay and intelligence and peace. Human lungs expand in his presence, shoulders straighten and chins rise up.

Money can’t buy hope and possibility. Andante was a fearful rescue baby- but with his owner, he has blossomed with all the qualities he lacked at birth. His eyes follow you with enthusiasm and sweetness, and a sly smile.

Money can’t buy intelligence and courage. Saphir is strong willed and bold. She is opinionated and brash and solidly safe- she has places to take you -and you want to go! Saphir is forward, and answers every question with a resounding “Yes!”

They are horses. It is just who they are.

These horses belong to clients but they are part of the wealth of Infinity Farm. Horses lift us above human limitation and carry us to a higher place. They are the link between heaven and earth. Remember? This is why we spend all our money on them. Feeling down? Saddle UP.

A canter is a cure for every evil.  ~Benjamin Disraeli

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Anna Blake

4 thoughts on “Wealth That Money Can't Buy.”

  1. Please note that even when *I*, his owner, imitate Max’s nicker, it send chills up and down peoples’ spines! Then I remind them that he’s saying, “Did you bring food?” not “Can’t get enough of your love, baby.” But it’s wonderful anyway!

  2. Simultaneously encouraging and frustrating given my present pursuit; I know my horse is out there, somewhere, but the long search makes it easy to think I already found her and she’s just up the hill, I just can’t get to her anymore. Is there such a thing as having more than one great horse per lifetime…


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