Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration.

SpiritJustaHorse (335x640)

“Just a horse.”

A $600. stud colt.

Out of Nifty Sally;

no pedigree to speak of.

Not especially athletic.


Nearly three decades later,

there isn’t much left of him.

Just a horse;

nothing out of the ordinary,

but Inspiration–

enough to bet a life on.

No regrets. Not one.


How about you?

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high tech.)


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Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration.”

  1. Because of you, I see so much more than just a horse. I see a story, I see heart, I see love. Thank you for your words and sharing his story. All horses should be so fortunate!

    • They are bigger than the sum of their parts, if we take a minute…and I do wish all horses as fortunate as yours and mine. thanks, Sharon.

  2. Thank you Anna. I love when you post pictures and write about your “old guy”. Being a woman of a certain age I so very much appreciate the old wise ones. I feel very blessed to have my senior of 23 years. He is still sound and loves doing things and appears to still enjoy learning and teaching me things. I have a lot to learn and am very grateful for his patience, and his intolerance for wishy washy queues. He is a much faster learner than I am. He does not have to do anything more for me, but I feel it my duty to enrich his life with opportunity, should he feel up to participating. So far so good. You have opened my eyes and my heart to so much more with my relationship with horses. Thank you. And thank you for sharing your life experiences and thoughts in your book. It is a treasure.

    • People tell me that they outgrow their horses and I can never understand how… I am still trying to catch up here as well. Just the way I like it. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading the book….

  3. Thank You! I absolutely love this post. It brought tears to my eyes! And at the same time it made me smile, a good heartfelt smile. Have a wonderful day. Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 12:45:47 +0000 To: [email protected]

    • Indeed. He is having a rough summer and it is just the best. Thanks for getting the book. I might be in the Buena Vista area in a month or two… I know, not close.

  4. I’m caring for a 30+ year old mare that a person in my family no longer wanted to care for. They call her stubborn, witchy, obstinate, etc.

    I see gentle, wise, and very wanting to trust the people caring for her.

    • Words we use to describe things are so crucial. It’s what writing is all about but much more than that, it is who this mare truly is. Bless you for seeing instead of listening. If she has lived this long, she is just as you describe her. So glad she found you.


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