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gift of poopYou know the best symbol for a horse, don’t you? The one that says all is well; healthy horses are close by? Horsepeople can’t pass a pile without a glance. It’s like checking vitals and treasure hunt at the same time.

Non horse owners are not as enthusiastic. I call it Fecalphobia- an irrational fear of digestive waste. Thankfully, humans are the only species prone to the disorder. (Nincompoops.) Other species are just fine with bowel relief. We’re the silly ones.

Humans could stand to worry less about their footwear, and go follow that scat, like a rainbow to a pot of gold.

The incredible miracle of excrement!

Turditis with projectile infermatude is a killer, but a nice gererous pile: Craptastic!  Fecalicious joy! Fanscatic release.  Cow-pie-pretty poopitude! Stoolpendus equine treasure not far away!

Turdatious gratitude! Thank God for poop. We get to live with horses another day!


Stable_Relation_3D_Cover[1]Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high tech.)


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Anna Blake

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge- Symbol”

  1. LOL Anna! I have a good friend with home we have traveled extensively and we call her a “scatologist” because she has a very sensitive sense of smell and seems able to ID many species by their poop. Your post reminded me of some funny moments with her! I too chose to feature horses this week. Thought of you as I was doing so ?

  2. You are one witty, creative lady (and yes, appropriately mad)! I just got rid of my year-old poo pile yesterday, and was marveling at all the variety of things grooping out of it this year..sign of healthy poo?????

  3. Well, I used to be *very* enthusiastic about the generous craptastics effortlessly created by my (late) dog. Leaving aside medical aspects, you cannot but triumph when, on a city street, all it takes is one swift motion to elegantly bag the poopage, without even leaving a trace…
    (One night, a horde of punks ridiculed me for poopexing after my dog. I told them it’s okay to laugh as long as they don’t tell me about when their poor moms had to change their diapers.)

    • I notice it works as my stress barometer, too. Blood pressure drops around droppings!! (Glad you like the book, please consider writing a review on Amazon/Goodreads.) Thank you for commenting… on both issues.

  4. Horse poop is the best! Of course, I check my dog’s daily too.. Really don’t understand why these poor under-experienced people get all worked up about it. But then – I am talking to the choir here aren’t I?

  5. My very best horse friends? We text pictures of each other’s horses poop to the relevant worried horse owner. Hilarious when at dinner with non-horse friends, and you excuse yourself with s grave expressions, saying, “so sorry, I have to take this.” Friends who will text you poop photos during dinner, because they know you are worried? PRICELESS. Love this post!

    • I just have to say right now, I am not using texting to the full advantage. Sure, I send photos to the vet sometimes, but I could be watching the clock and being much more creative. Jane, thanks for the tip!

  6. Hi, Anna:

    First, let me say how much I enjoy your blog! We lived in Estes Park from 200-2006, and before that, vacationed almost every year since 1957.

    I am changing my email address to [email protected] and for the life of me, cannot figure out how to make that happen with WordPress. So I am hopeful you can change your list to add my new address.

    Thanks so much! 🙂 Meg Cicciarella

    • Sorry, I can’t do it on this side, Meg. That’s how they safeguard me from adding a phone book so I look popular, I guess. I think you have to subscribe all over again on the right column of the blog page… maybe use your full first name this time?? You might have to unfollow me and then sign up again if that doesn’t work. Again, sorry I can’t do it here.

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