Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This biggest UP this week at Infinity Farm is SaraJane.

She is a lovely 3 yr. old Quarter horse, here in training from Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue and she is making giant strides UP from a rough start.

It took some time at the beginning to convince SaraJane that those cute little ears of hers wouldn’t be hurt again. (My guess is a pre-rescue twitch- not what I call a great training technique.)

Truthfully, I am not so interested in how she got to rescue. I am more interested in how SaraJane gets to a happy partnership with a person of her own; a forever home.

SaraJane seems happy about the direction she is headed too.


Anna, Infinity Farm

SaraJane available@ Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

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  2. Hurray for SaraJane! I’m so glad she is being a good student. I suspected the same issue with her sensitivity with her ears and her poll. She is such a gentle, sweet soul. It is hard to imagine anyone having handled her roughly. But like you said, her future is bright. She is one of the friendliest horses I’ve ever met.


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