Climbing Back On-

Riders know this lesson; if you get bucked off you have to climb back on. That’s the rule. Horse or rider are better for it. They say that the hardest thing about riding is hitting the ground (sigh) but I disagree. The recovery is often more challenging.

I think we are afraid of what we know- more than the unknown. Experience makes it personal. Once we have watched colic take a horse’s life we respect that situation, no matter whose horse is suffering. When a rider is injured in a fall, we understand the challenge of climbing back on is both physical and mental.

The challenge becomes real when we have history and know what’s at risk. Bravado is good but confidence is better. Fear is understandable but respect is more workable. Courage is a tangible aid we can summon when we try.

And so goes my trite and self-absorbed blog, inconsequential Me.

Japan is reeling from a perfect storm of disasters that will impact them for decades to come- so much destruction, so much loss. I want to make sense of this unfolding story and all I have to work with is my little brain, filled with horses and riders.

If there is a country that knows nuclear destruction personally, it is certainly Japan. What kind of courage did it take to climb back on that horse and build nuclear power plants with the fresh history of WWII? Now after earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, I am in awe of survivors with the courage to mourn and rebuild at the same time. I am especially taken with respect for the workers staying behind at the nuclear plants, trying their best and certainly sacrificing the most- such love and courage.

A horse of mine injured a tendon; he was wrapped every day and on stall rest for almost two years. That experience is less than insignificant in the light of the long path the people of Japan have ahead. Rebuilding takes time and so much heart.

Life seems to be a continual circle of tragic loss and heroic comebacks- in a small barn or the large world. I am inspired by the survivor/heroes in Japan. I share this ride with my extended herd. I can send good thoughts and prayers for the people and animals of Japan. I can donate to Red Cross or Doctors Without Boarders or animal rescue. Every dollar helps in the face of this devastation.

We understand that the world is a small barn after all and what hurts one of us- hurts all of us eventually. We are lucky to share a history of comebacks too.

Now, friends, climb back on. We’ll will be your ground person.

Anna, Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

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