How to Begin…

ParkerAss   I agree with Ms. Parker. The first difference between those-who-write and the rest of our species is that some of us spend hours and hours, wandering in our minds with our fingers tapping out the precious words of a story that we just can’t put down. I think we all have a story to tell, but sitting still to actually do it ends up being kind of a big deal.
Five weeks since the submission launch and I’m still in the waiting place, passing my time poking through my photos and adding famous quotes from authors about writing. I’m dragging the great big literary world into my own little barn and holding for the day that the opposite happens.

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  1. I’m sure many would agree that we are waiting right along with you. Fingers and hooves crossed! What about self publishing? There are so many indi authors on Amazon these days.

    • Big smile from me… I am famously patient with horses and nothing else. I am hoping for a bigger launch for the book than I can do by myself. I am hoping someone else will feel my book is worth investing in… but if not, I’ll step up for that part too. You’re right, self-publishing is an option. Thank you for waiting with me, and the question isn’t if… but when and how. In the meantime, the combination of Edgar Rice Burro and Dorothy Parker will have tide me over.

  2. Personally, I’d pay anything to overhear a conversation between Dorothy P. and Edgar ….(As a keen gardener, I’ve had good mileage out of her “horticulture” quote!)
    I, too, only have patience with quadrupeds though I’m working on spreading it around! Is a literary agent out of the question – always good to have a professionally pushy advocate on your side?

    • This book is a memoir, which they say is impossible to sell if the author isn’t famous. Well, sure, I’m no body, but what about Edgar Rice Burro. He’s huge.

      • Perhaps Edgar could become a YouTube sensation – before you know it you’d probably be all over the TV! If the US is anything like the UK, on a “slow” news day (fewer bombs, no big sports fixtures) animal stories are huge. Now if you could persuade Edgar onto a skateboard or Sumo to rap ….? ?

  3. “The reward of patience is patience” – and I also do a lot of whining about having to be patient with processes. It’s a bit like waiting for the kettle to boil….. instead of watching it, try tidying a drawer or polishing the silver – metaphorically speaking of course! 🙂


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