Now What? (and Other News)

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Anna Blake

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  1. My horse grew himself a shetland pony coat this “winter.” He is stalled at night and has no reason to have 2″ long thick fur. Everyone looked at him and said, “It’s going to be a hard long winter.” So far we’ve had one snow storm in December and warm springlike weather ever since. One of my fellow boarders said to me, “Your horse lied.” But spring doesn’t begin at my barn until my buy starts shedding and that happened big time today. There is hope.

  2. Same thing here. This must be Sweden’s worst winter EVER. One day we have -5°C and sunshine the next day +6°C, rain and strong wind. Weather apps aren’t particularly helpful either. Yesterday we checked several weather apps: SMHI gave the forecast for today+4°C and 4mm of rain & said -13°C….so, any recommondations as to what I should wear today? ?

    • I can’t dress myself, I surely won’t guess for you. 🙂 I take an average of three weather apps here. That doesn’t work either. Thanks for commenting.


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