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Now is the winter of my discontent
Okay, maybe I’m being Shakespeare-dramatic. Monochromatic seasons can bring that out in me. Here on the prairie, the only visual break from tan grass stretching to the horizon is when it turns white for a while. I’m grumbling, but the truth is that I can use a break from my hectic pace, every ten months or so, to cozy-in at my farm.
But this winter, I mourned some excruciating good-byes. If you are a woman of a certain age who thinks too much, the changes can add up. Not that it’s good or bad; just that I noticed and needed time to acclimate. I think there’s some rule of diminishing returns that says that with each day I grow older, the world becomes more precious. The beauty in ordinary things has become nearly debilitating. But then, I think too much. No apologies.
I’ve been prodded into action after reading that there is legislative action to make it legal to shoot hibernating bears, along with their cubs. It seems to follow that the dogs and I could be mistaken; we’ve been doing a decent bear impression. Besides, the weather is having mood swings and I’m counting days till the time change. Hurry spring.
BOOK NEWS: My books are now available on two new online sites. Check out the Equine Network Store for a great collection of equine literature, and for international readers, Lavender and White publishers, based in the UK, now carry all three books.
COMING EVENTS: I’ll be at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo March 10-12 in the Author Corner. (Discount tickets here.) I’ll be signing books and meeting new friends. *** I’ll be at my favorite indie bookstore, Covered Treasures, in Monument, CO, on March 18th, 3-5 pm, signing books. Please come by. *** Who’s going to the World Cup in Omaha? Look for my books in the Equine Network Booth and I’ll be there, too. Let me know if you want to meet-up.
I’ll be presenting at the Region 10 PATH conference May 7th. This isn’t open to the public but it’s a reminder that I am available for public speaking engagements, on topics on horse advocacy and training, women’s experience, and writing. Please contact me if you’re interested in having me speak to your group or clinic at your barn. Join with groups in Washington, California, Virginia, and Illinois-Indiana.
NOW WHAT? Well, I have a stack of ideas; I’m investigating doing something on the topic of responsibility and care of therapy horses. *** One of my readers encourages me to consider a children’s book, with Arthur, the goat, as the main character. She found a great illustrator, too. *** Others are encouraging me to compile a book of quotes from my blogs. *** Still others are asking about a book of photos and poems. *** And I have a few book outlines including a sequel to Stable Relation and another book about Love, Men, and Dogs. What do you think?
THEN THIS: I always thought I’d write something, but it wasn’t easy. At first, it was nothing but masochistic. I’d read a fresh paragraph aloud and I’d tried so hard to be clever that I was nearly unintelligible. Adverbs were lost in verbiage. There were runaway pronouns. But I stuck to my keyboard, hoping an intention in my mind would somehow intersect with the right group of words. Then I edited liked a mad dog with a chainsaw.
babybird-3Do you feel the pull to write? If there’s interest, I’m thinking about starting an online group to encourage those of us who are certain there’s a book (or blog or story) in us but we’re having a time squeezing it out. Like an egg. That will hatch into something real. Like a fat-lipped baby bird.
Want to write with us? (Email me at [email protected])
Again, for those of you who have left reviews for Barn Dance, or the other books, thank you so much. It breathes life into search engines and that is gold for indies like me. I appreciate every single review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

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  1. Wow, I love ALL those “Now What?” ideas. For the children of the world, I favor a book with leading character Arthur the goat and great illustrations – wow! For the therapy horses of the world, I favor a book that speaks for them. I am certain that whatever your next project, Anna, it will be great reading and will bring more warmth and care into the world.
    Believe me, I know all about being a “woman of a certain age who thinks too much,” and the beauty in ordinary things. And a love for those ordinary things that leaves me nearly gasping. And a questing for “what’s next.”

  2. I’ll read anything you write, dear Anna, so yes, “write on”! I find your therapy horse project especially intriguing since I have been a Hippotherapy volunteer for many years. I am also a woman of a certain age who thinks too much and the beauty of ordinary things can bring me to tears.
    Now a question for you. Any plans of coming to Texas??

    • I’d love to come to Texas, I love Texas. And I do presentations for PATH and other therapeutic centers… In the meantime, thanks, Barbara, and yes. Tears.

  3. I am also grateful for the beauty of ordinary things. I seek out as many as I can find in a day as a balm and peace for my soul.
    Throwing encouragement your way for more writing — children’s books, poetry and photography and a sequel to Stable Relation.

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  5. I love reading this. I do not think it an accident that I am seeing posts from us “women of a certain age” (though honestly, I do not know for sure what that is, other than I am not only one, but might be beyond one), and that we are all talking about creativity, and thoughtfulness, and changes, and taking risks, and advocacy. Because things need to be done and changes need to be made, and who better to initiate that than women of a certain [wisdom, experience, knowledge, skill set, passion, compassion, willingness, hopefulness–shall I stop now?] age?

    • Exactly. We are perfect for the job… we’ve massed a skill set for any occasion and it’s time to speak up. We need each other’s words! The world isn’t famous for listening to women like us, but that’s no reason to be quiet. Thanks for the wonderful comment!

    • I’ve been talking about this with friends. I actually wrote a blog post last week about being that “certain age” where we become invisible…but that it’s like being handed an invisibility cloak and we can do whatever we damn well please for the first time in our lives! 🙂

      • Agreed. I’m just not ready to be TOTALLY invisible. I choose loudly invisible. Great freedom, though. Thanks, Deb.

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  7. I am another. I love your words and your photos. I would love to let the genius who haunts the creative to find at least a temporary home in my heart and mind. Count me in on any project to encourage this.

  8. I love to write and would love to be part of an online group for accountability and encouragement. I’m not on Facebook, but would be interested in another venue! (Also I’m a path instructor. Didn’t know you were involved with them! Yay!)


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