Photo Challenge & Poem: Place in the World

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Water creeping across the prairie,
a wandering path of small ponds
in a landlocked state, give respite for
travelers on the wing. These silent

pelicans, tourists as big as turkeys,
land in full flock. Kingfishers scatter,
a solitary Great Heron shies away
from this armada, armed with

long-reaching bills, moving in a line,
herding minnows to a shallow water
demise. Preening feather to feather
in the cool spring sun, never more

than a wingspan of separation. They
seem to huddle, while Canada geese,
seasonal renters, monogamous to
a fault, pause in their search for a

quiet nesting, waiting two days, then
four, until the pelicans lift to the far
away, gliding on thermals, the song of
air. Black and white soaring in blue.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Place in the World

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Anna Blake

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  1. I love pelicans. I love their flight patterns, so seemingly improvised, gliding and circling. Thank you again for another picture put to words.

  2. Dear Anna, I second Anne’s comment that this made my heavy heart lighter, so thank you for that. A dear friend of mine lost her battle with cancer last week, and she lived a stone’s throw from you. She and I were fellow horse helpers ( ) and bird-nerds, and would have loved this post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me of her with a smile.

    • Thank you, Lisa and I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend. These birds are such a flash of bright; so glad they brightened your day.


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