Photo Challenge: Resilient

This out-flat prairie, sun burned and
wind-scraped, spends winter draped
in the dull range of color called 
earth tones; upscale tan or midlife

beige, postmodern khaki or elite 
ecru. Everyday oatmeal. Then dawn
crashes the sky, a circus parade
drummed in by iridescent clouds of

fire with midnight purple fringe, 
grasses catch gold, barns a torrid pink.
Conservative land awash in blazing 
fluorescent hues. Earth tones again.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo–I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high tech.)


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Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Resilient”

  1. Okay, that is just about the best inspirational message for the new year that I can imagine. It is about to be printed and show up where I can see it every morning. Awesome!

      • True, but there is that whole “I am not on the prairie” thing. 🙂 It is currently right above my computer screen where I can look up any time I want and see it, AND is on the window pane of my back door so I can see it every time I walk out. Now, granted, I may get enough inspiration at some point to be less conspicuous, but for now, it reminds me of things needing reminding. 🙂

        • Heheh. I get it. I’m at my computer, every square inch of wall space has inspirational quotes, photos, cards, etc. The only open space is the windows and right out side the window are the same horses that are in the photos inside. Scheesh. I get it.


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