Photo & Poem: Braced


Black eyes sunk deep in her skull,
certain she knows what will come next.
The trail of scars on her legs read like
an ancient cave painting of where she’s

been and what has followed her here,
her ribs braced against inescapable
shadows, her breath shallow in fear
she might become visible. With no

memory of a better place, it’s not safe,
even a sip of water from a predator, so
I’ll let her rest in a vacuum of cooling
silence, trusting peace to draw her close.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

7 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Braced”

  1. Your words just get more and more beautiful. What a sensitive observer you are Anna! With few words, your empathy speaks volumes and awakes an awareness that touches so deep it hurts. Thank you once again!

  2. What Pat said. Times 10. Your heart must have bottomless reserves of strength because I just don’t know how you can take bearing witness to so much emotional & mental pain and scarring. Kudos Anne and thank goodness you can look past the damage and see hope. God has truly blessed you with special gifts. Thank you for using it for the horses and sharing it with us.

    • I work with these horses and I can’t help them if I’m always sad. I keep hoping that one day we’ll stop crying and get mad. because we have more power to change things than we know. Thanks, Sueann

  3. Absolutely, we cannot help them if we’re always sad. We can be sadly mad or madly sad, either I think works.
    Thanks ever so, Anna.


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