Photo & Poem: Invisible Rope

Walking wide beyond my grasp,
only ask for his eye, now wait.
His forelock shelters a glimmer of
movement. He’ll take his time,

the slow arc of his neck only made
sweeter by the distance between us.
Proving the existence of things that
need no proof is an invisible rope.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

10 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Invisible Rope”

  1. Beautiful view! What a lovely place, colours so vibrant it actually looks like a painting. Yes, with an invisible rope one only needs to catch an eye, he understands you. Like my terrier when she was a pup “I’m not coming and you can’t catch me!” So I’d whistle once, catch her eye, turn my back, and leave. Now she comes like a rocket. Anna your horse thoughts are so knowing, thank you.


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