Photo & Poem: Missing Her


Haunted by her hooves, jagged edges
tilting her balance, she stood in filth,
wooden pallets cobbled into a pen.
Remembering her coarse hair, the

shadows cast by each rib. No act
of blunt cruelty did this, it was willful
indifference one average day after
another. Looking at her, an ache grows

behind my eye that has seen too much,
trying to apologize for her dark neglect.
Can she eat? Will she drink? Ordinary
acts take on primal importance.

Kindness like cool water, seeks its own
level, seeping up from hooves to ankles,
withers to hands, the current carries her
forgiveness and challenges my own.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

14 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Missing Her”

  1. I never understood, until I actually cared for horses of my own, how loving them will open me more to feeling things I really don’t want to feel about humans.

  2. wow. I love how the last stanza works. So beautiful and redemptive–as redemption goes in these situations. I will hold this image of the cool water of kindness as I face the day. thank you and thanks to her…

  3. There is no more profound sadness than seeing the wreckage of inhumanity.
    To provide peace, security & basic needs is the greatest of gifts I’ve ever given.
    The profound joy of seeing an animal come alive and enjoy life, that is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

  4. “The current carries her forgiveness, and challenges my own.”

    Wilful indifference, ignorance, total lack of caring or empathy, or simple lack of funds or drive. I do not understand people. I can forgive those willing to improve their knowledge, to hear someone who knows, but most of the abusers are quite sure they know it all, nothing is their fault. Little burro probably had to defend herself, and so got locked away. My own life is the poorer for never knowing one.

    “Grief, The agony of an instant, or the blunder of a life.” We live long lives, people and animals die around us. Quietly close the door. Pour your love and care into the living who still need you, bring to them what the missing have given you, as I’m sure you do.

    Very moving. I weep.

    • For all of the extreme rescues I’ve worked with over the years, I will continue to try with my species. For me, it’s another way of loving horses.


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