Photo & Poem: No Gloves

The woman doesn’t make a good first impression.
Her hair is dry as straw under a ball cap from
Tractor Supply. Wearing a stiff barn coat and
men’s muck boots that make a hollow flap as

she walks with a limping rhythm, the full bucket
bumping her knee each stride. Her hand is thick,
nails dirty, her little finger frozen in a dainty curve
as if holding a porcelain teacup instead of twenty-

five pounds of alfalfa mush. She knows she should
wear gloves to ease the load, to protect from rusty
nails and rope burn. She knows better, but for the
moment the black bay mare nickers so deep and low

that her boots must stop their shuffle. No choice, the
woman’s hand reaches for the warm place under the
elder mare’s mane, raw fingers resting a moment on
smooth hair. Still majestic, if only in each other’s eye.

Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward 

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Anna Blake

34 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: No Gloves”

  1. Beautiful and moving. Particularly for those “elder mares” among your readership. Be safe Anne, your voice & message are so important to so many.

  2. I just started reading your blog today. I am just about finished reading Barn Dance.
    I love your books! I enjoy your writing style and I am learning too. I am a very late in life horse rider/owner. Better late than never ! Keep writing and thank you!

  3. Beautiful, Anna. Brings the tears up again.. must you keep tugging at my heart this way with words , and photo ?

  4. Beautiful hands are in the eye of the beholder, and to me and likely the mare, these hands you describe are beautiful. What joy, warmth and physical connection brings with our life worn hands. Thanks Anna for another spectacular word picture.

  5. A great poem speaks to the reader, evoking not only a clear image but a clear feeling; this is a great poem. <3


    (I come to you from a share of Edgar Rice Burro's musings; I'm so glad I found you.)


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