Photo & Poem: Pride

She has no time for gentle words
and soft hands primping her mane.
The broad-chested mare may allow
a stiff curry in the itchy season,

but she would rather throw herself
on the ground to rub the loose hair
off on a crust of spring snow and
cool mud, leaping in air to gallop

away, knees high and tail lifted in the
the sun, a white shadow of hair left
on the earth. No soft mare eyes, she
stands to guard the horizon, never

pandering for touch. She has more
pride than want of comfort, keeping
to the wild edge, all wind and thunder,
born for something better than pretty.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

22 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Pride”

  1. Never had one like that – mare or gelding – that didn’t love the attention and getting the itchies scratched by a curry or whatever. This time of year they especially look for it and generally horn in when I’m doing another…

    • Sorry to hear; it’s a whole other level of brilliance in her (though more understanding needed from me.) She is always a bit wild. Thanks, Leslie.

  2. Perfect description of my mare when she came to me out of rescue, with no use for human contact. She did learn to enjoy my husband combing her body with strong fingers and was always patient & soft with the little girls who would attempt to tame her wild mane but she always remained vigilant. She didn’t know or care how beautiful her colorful coat was. It meant nothing in her world.
    I know now that in the horse world, “pretty” is too often a curse.
    Thanks Anne.

    • Isn’t that the truth, pretty, good gaits, or a popular breed can all spell trouble. And why should they pander to us?? Thanks, Sueann.

  3. Anna, what a wonderful poem! I know horses like this, people like this. I might be like this!
    Would you please post this in our FB group, READING COUNTRY? I think our readers and other writers I’ll relate, too!

  4. My chocolate boy was borne stoic and continued to choose stoicism thru my training and ignorance. He has always had a soft eye however now it is soft for his pasture mate and also for me. “born for something better than pretty”. Ah Yes.

  5. love this. mr. fancy pants Rocky loves having his fairy knots slowly picked out by hand … more time for him to wander and graze and rub his head on me. ?

  6. Wonderful, always. Easily describing a few women I know, as well.

    I’m always marveled by how big a picture and impression you can give me with so few words. grateful.


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