Photo & Poem: Colic Weather

Unsettled in-between days, a musty fog
slows the sunrise, flannel jacket zipped-up
for early chores. The chill is a relief from
the flies, made slow and mean by the cold.

Hours later in midday sun, they bite for
blood, the horses frantic, shaking heads,
stomping hooves. What fly-spray can’t touch,
the frost will kill any night now. Heat and

flies are both short-timers, as winter tests
the ground. Late evenings under the crisp sky,
air too clean in the nostril, gone out again
to check horses, their acid-sour discomfort

visible in their tense flank muscles, reluctant
to eat, their gut sounds muted as the dark wind
mutters a creaky barn draft, the barometer
fluttering with the shifting tilt of the earth.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Clinician, Equine Pro
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Anna Blake

8 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Colic Weather”

  1. Always surprised by the abrupt temperature change! Gone from 80s down to 49 yesterday morning. Of course, today its pouring & chilly. BUT Suzy (dog) who has been reluctant to move in the heat – for our walks = NOW is perky & trotting most of the way. We get our best exercise when its colder!! Actually, worked that way with Chico(horse) too.
    Power out about 4AM but the generator works like a charm – automatically – unlike the old one that my son would have to drive over here & start after doing the same thing at his place. The weather, it is achanging!

  2. I too am rather irritable with these relentless flies and lingering daytime heat. But we are having some nice cool evenings and beautiful foggy mornings. =-) Deb


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