Photo & Poem: You Know the Way


The rhythm of hooves over
even soft ground, we’ve lost
time out together, rocked
safe in the saddle like breeze

through the oaks toward a
bottom-heavy sun. Lulled
by the sway of his stride,
we’ve wandered too far,

dirt-worn and words gone.
Just as I pause, not sure of
the way, his cadence builds
to a bold and true march.

The rhythm of hooves, over
even soft ground, each footfall
pulls steady. Take us home,
good horse, show me the way.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

16 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: You Know the Way”

  1. Love this! Brought back memories of years ago, riding a pony and getting lost in the woods. I leaned over and asked him to take us home. He did.

  2. Did you know Appaloosas have a history closely related to the Spanish Barbs and that the Appaloosa body type used to more closely resemble that of the typical Barb? Of course you do. 😉 Home, in all its manifestations, is always best. Thank you!!

  3. Oh Anna,
    I was 10 almost 11 and had two whole weeks to spend on my god parents small ranch in the desert out side of Phoenix AZ. Two whole weeks with my very own horse to ride any time and best of all any place she would take me. After sunset , and I had missed supper, Dedee would slowly turn and take us back to the tack room….ahh bliss total bliss.

  4. The horse takes us “home” in oh so many ways … and it’s this kind of memory that keeps me working and dreaming toward riding again. Thank you for this sweet poem.

  5. My mare always finds the way home. I board her in a trail community. Many of the trails entrances look the same as people’s driveways. I am always nervous that I will pick the wrong one and be trespassing on someone’s property. My mare has lived in the neighborhood for a long time and knows the trails. I always let her pick… she never steers me wrong. She’s a good horse, unless the trail has turkeys… lol


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