Photo & Poem: Horsewoman

There were always horses, some light and some dark. The woman met them in passing or they stayed forever, some were proud and some stayed hidden deep within. After the gelding stumbled and fell, trapping the woman’s leg, breaking her loose from her fairytale romance, the woman and the horse were set on equal footing. … Read more

Travel Blog: Where the Trail Leads…

  I know people who read cookbooks like they’re high-drama best sellers. I know people who fantasize wild lives of pirate adventure reading travel bloggers. It’s all good, just not for me. I like being in the barn. Want to know a secret? I never had a dream to be a professional trainer. I wanted … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

“Oh, just admiration,” the gray horsewoman said, pale eyes deep in tan skin. “Always kinda liked ’em…” But when she exhaled there was a throaty sound, deep and soft, with a faint whisper of a nicker.   Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. (WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo–I enjoy twisting these … Read more