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"Horse Prayers" Cover Reveal

Horse Prayers   Poems from the Prairie Hooray, it's the cover of my next book. I know, it's a totally different look...
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Time Travel, Tell Mary Oliver Not to Worry, and the New Book!

"Meh. Is she done yet?" I've held out on you. Stable Relation wasn't really my first...
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Miss me? I know I've been quiet lately. As a matter of fact, I did drop off the edge of...
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End the Strike Now! And a Poetry Book Coming.

I'm not sad to see 2017 go. It was a mean year, all in all. Too much name calling and...
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Getting In Cars with Strangers

My mother told me not to, but I do. I get in cars with strangers. More often than you'd think....
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Poetry for People Who Think They Don't Like Poetry

  I had a boyfriend my junior year of high school. That, in itself, is shocking if you knew me....
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