Photo & Poem: Tea


Stomping in the back porch to knock
the dirt off my boots, there’s too
much wind to work outside on this
gray day, clouds hurrying in from

the north. I make tea thinking you
might be having some about now.
Mine has little flavor and the color
is wrong. Picking up a book, I

wonder what you’re reading. Are
you in your side garden amid those
pink flowering shrubs the color of
worn chenille, walls over-grown

with wild English ivy and honest little
pansies. You’re sitting up straight
on a small cast iron chair, the cats
stretched long on sun-warmed patio

stones, flexing their claws, guarding you
with pretended indifference. Peering
at me through half-closed eyes, not
willing to share you, even in a memory.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

14 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Tea”

  1. Lovely. And devastating. The true tragedy of life is loss. So much loss, loss of opportunity, loss of agility of mind and body, loss of loved ones . . . and precious memories.

    • As writers, isn’t it interesting how words are received by others? I had no sense of loss writing this, just warm memory. Thanks for your take on the poem, Regina.

  2. Just lovely, Anna…. “honest little pansies” and those cats “not willing to share you, even in memory” – those phrases stand out for me. A wonderful homage to a faraway friend.

  3. Oh, my. I have 2 felines who are brothers. The li’l one does not want to share me even with his brother. Need to pick the right time so that the big ‘un gets sharing time, too. No worries…my head is not swelled by this!

  4. Yes, loss and memories of dear sisters that I miss so much. And more loss as my husband passed a few weeks ago. We leave this world and life goes on, only those who love us will remember and even know we existed. Love and memories is all that is left.

    • Oh, Doshia. So sorry to hear about your loss. Life goes on, just in a different way. Condolences and best wishes to you. Thinking of you.

  5. As an artist friend told me, we all see things (read things) through a different lens!
    I read this poem as thinking about a friend far away. One you shared your heart with.


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