Book Release: Horse. Woman.

Book Release! Available Now!

Horse. Woman. Poems from Our Lives

“It was a tough life if you was useless.” -Leafa Numbers Blake

My grandmother proudly claimed she had delivered more foals and calves than any woman in early 1900s North Dakota. Like her, we’ve found a purpose building our lives, sometimes elbow deep in dirt and blood, but doing whatever work that needed to be done. Horses have always been our north star.

For many of us, the cowboy persona has never been a good fit. Women have earned a narrative about our own lives with horses and the land. We tell a uniquely female account of living and working with horses, coming out of the shadow of cowboy hats and spurs. For us, it was never about fighting for domination. It was always about herd and home.

This poetry collection tells small stories from a women’s perspective about life defined by horses, nature, and memory.  Our feelings run deep; this might be your story too.


You can get a signed copy of Horse. Woman. here on my website.

Horse. Woman. is also available at all online booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Smashwords has the eBook. Goodreads is up as well.

What a year 2020 has been. I wondered if I should release a poetry collection during this crazy year, but maybe all the more reason. There are illustrations by Rebecca Howard ( from photos of mine. Please keep in mind that Indies like me depend on reviews. I’d consider it a favor.

With gratitude to my readers who share their stories and inspire me every day, thanks so much.


Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward 

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