Want to Hear my Elevator Line?

When you finish a book, you are supposed to have a short description that is pithy, immediately intriguing, and leaves that person begging for more. And you should be able to chirp it out at any opportunity. Like an elevator.
Here goes…
When most women go through a mid-life crisis, they start a diet, get plastic surgery or have an affair. My life went to the dogs…and horses…and llamas…did I mention happy hour with the goats?
My urban world came apart, so I took a leap of faith and crash-landed on a dilapidated would-be horse farm on the flat, windy, treeless prairie of Colorado. It was a place where white horses turn pink at sunrise and I didn’t have to worry about locking the back entry to the house, because the door was missing. The biggest social event of any week was greeting the trash man on Tuesday. And what should I do about the deceased llama in the laundry room?
It’s the story of my bittersweet transition from a mid-life orphan to a modern pioneer woman, building an entirely different kind of family farm.
It’s a start. Thanks for stopping by for the first post in this brand new world. I’m your biggest fan.

This blog is free, and it always will be. Free to read, but also free of ads because I turn away sponsorships and pay to keep ads off my site. I like to read a clean page and think you do too. If you appreciate the work I do, or if your horse does, consider making a donation.

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0 thoughts on “Want to Hear my Elevator Line?”

  1. Love it. I will buy your book and read it with pleasure. I love reading real-life stories–especially when they have horses and strong women. (When available, can I get a signed copy pretty please?)

  2. I’m hooked. Can’t wait to read Stable Relation. Can’t wait for the book signings. Hurry, hurry pulishers, and get this book on the market!

  3. I’m with everyone else….can’t wait!!! I am going to read it to my almost 34 y/o mare….or maybe I’ll just hang out with her while I read it! Seriously, your essay on the “Feel of Forward” left me speechless and I’ve sent it to my instructor and numerous rider friends. I also sent the essay on the emergency vet call for the Grandfather Horse to a number of people who are connected to my elderly mare. Thanks for the inspirational writing.

    • Thanks, Amy. The memoir is different than my blog, but my favorite character in the book is my Grandfather Horse. No surprise there. I haven’t read it to him, but he has kept me on the job of writing it.

  4. I want to put in an order for a signed copy as well… :-). Reading your blog has been a godsend for me. We have much in common: Horses, dogs, llamas, goats, farm living… It has been amazing how I will have an issue in my important life (read “horses”), and you will post a blog that gets to the center of the issue and helps solve my problem….sure you are not clairvoyant??? Love the blog….appreciate how well you write and how you think…..want the book!

    • It sounds like we are living a similar life… Hope you like the book, it is a bit different than the blog. Thanks, I’ll make sure you hear about it once it is on paper.

      • My donkeys LOVE company, especially the baby. He would would be thrilled to host a book tour. Of course, he would want to “sign” all the books himself:)

  5. Yep, can’t wait for a signed copy – put me on the list. Oh yeah, a World Barn Tour (that needs some caps!) sounds perfect. I’ll provide the adult beverages and a bunch of horse women (and maybe even a guy or two) to buy your book. Florida is so nice in the winter….

  6. Waiting with bated breath to read your book. I am anxious to hold a printed copy in my hands. It is inspiring, this accomplishment!

    • I have submitted the manuscript and I await the imaginary bidding war in the cold silence…. I wish I could pre-order! (I’ll keep you posted when my fantasy life seeps into reality.)

  7. Anna, oh Anna…. in your words “When you finish a book, you are supposed to have a short description that is pithy, immediately intriguing, and leaves that person begging for more….” your blog is the definition of intriguing and from the first time that I read the post about Walter and Preacher Man I was hooked so I am sure that your book is a product of the same. (I am a city-girl with very little experience on the prairie who is owned by a corgi) and after reading about the pair I subscribed to your blog and have enjoyed every read of yours since.
    I too am interested in reading your book and will continue to follow your blog because your writing is unique, truthful, inspiring and captivating.
    KEEP (yes this did need CAPS) keeping on girl and filling the airways with compassion, honesty and truth in short snippets that we love!
    P.S. How are Walter and Preacher Man?
    Peace and Love ~ Cat

    • Thank you, I so appreciate your words, Corgi sister. And there is no end in sight, no worries. And the Little Men’s gotcha anniversary is coming up!

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