Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place


It’s no surprise–my Happy Place is always with the herd. Here’s the Grandfather Horse. I’m hoping winter will be kind to him. I’ve been living in the shadow of this particular horse for almost three decades, not quite of half my life. And I’m not the only one.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high tech.)

“Happy Place.”

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Anna Blake

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  1. Great photo and humor to start my day…. took a a few seconds to see the goat in the shadow !! I, too, hope winter will be kind to your beloved Grandfather horse.

  2. Getting to know you, Anna, through your blogs. So! I noticed the goat right away; then the lovely gentleman/horse topside!

  3. Anna, I love reading your weekly blogs, they hit so very close to home at times. The grandfather horse that you tend so carefully, the little goat that finds comfort in his shadow. In my profession in a cancer center I am always telling people that they need to find their happy place and visit it often. I share that my happy place is around and on top of a lovely Arabian mare that is my partner in many of life’s best adventures. Thank you

  4. OMG, I learned all about the happy place today. I have a horse that is very barn-sour and it’s been very difficult to leave the barn or to ride somewhere else, like a show. I have been trying the “make the right thing easy and the wrong thing difficult by working him when he doesn’t want to leave” and he will leave but he is still a bundle of nerves. My trainer is in town and we had a lesson on that today and my trainer suggested that because he so nervous leaving to try to make the trail ride a happy place. Lot’s of praise for any step forward. Lot’s of patience. Trying to stay relaxed. More praise. Bringing him back to me and make being with me a happy place. We did the entire trail loop and it was actually pretty relaxed by the end. I love the happy place.


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