Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


Infinity Farm is on the flat, windy, treeless prairie, where there’s no top to the sky and the low-billowing earth creeps along without much drama. There’s a symmetry to the landscape you can learn to love.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

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Anna Blake

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  1. Absolute contentment! Isnt it a shame there isn’t a time like that for humans? (other than standing next to a horse listening to him munch his food!)

  2. Hi anna, love all your stuff and your straight forward opinions. Wonder if you have any thoughts on biting,nipping ( horse )?? My whisper, haflinger, I have had for 1 ½ years now, I am his 9th owner in his first 10 years; he turns 12 in april; no full reliable history on his training; very smart, improving with his buck/bolt, forward going better, still behind my leg more than I would like, much less tense, more relaxed with riding, lives in a field 24/7, comes when he sees me most of the time, is quite studly in his behavior, talks a lot, talks to me like I am a mare, does lip smacking, tried not hand feeding ( currently am doing stretches that recommend carrots ), tried the linda tellington jones mouth/oral exercises, tried tying a rope toy to his halter, tried aggressive response when he nips/bites, tried ignoring him and just bumping him away; he really appears to think it is an ok behavior and does not seem to understand why I have any of the responses that I have tried. Nothing has really made a difference, he is better as long as I stay focused on what his mouth is doing,. He does no mouth stuff when ridden and only talks when I stop to talk with someone he participates in the conversation. Just wonder if you have any thoughts/ideas on this??? still hope to see you with whisper; he is really cute/sweet/quite personable but some things hard to continue to overlook. I have told him he is in his last home ( maybe I should not have revealed that to him !!!!) thanks, xoxoxoxo to all of your farm, daisy( just saw the corgi in the last 7 picks of the herding group at Westminster dog show, tell your boys to get their suits on )

    • Well, you have checked all the obvious things and a couple things that aren’t obvious. Assuming that he is well, his teeth are good, etc. It’s great that he doesn’t do it undersaddle. I am hesitant to guess without seeing him, because my eyes might ‘hear’ something different in person, or I might read him differently if I met him in real life… If you think he is telling you it’s itchy, when grooming take a stiff brush and give him a good scratch, in a way, de-sensitize his nose by brushing. He will get more stimulated in the beginning, it may be hard to tell if it’s working. My other guess sounds lame, but it is what I would do: Ignore it. Never put a hand around his mouth, stand out of his space, don’t do anything that might be a bit like teasing. Ignore it till he forgets it–it will take a while. Again, I hate to guess when I don’t know the horse… good luck. Let me know if either works.

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