Yodeling, Yapping, and Ya-hoodling: A Book Trailer.

melaniesuebowlesIf you follow my farm blog, you know about the Corgi Men. There’s Walter who came from a rescue in Wyoming, along with a warning that he had no inside voice and wasn’t afraid to use it. And Preacher Man, from Texas. Preacher was named for a condition discovered on the way to the rescue from the dog pound…it seems he liked the sound of his own voice just a bit too much. Since when is it a crime to communicate bluntly and honestly? Since when is that a bad thing–I ask in a surly growl?
Walter has a grumpy old bass voice, like somebody’s weird uncle who is always muttering about something just under his breath, until it percolates up to a full rib-spreading bark–an operatic bark. Preacher Man has a high, staccato Irish tenor of a bark. Like glass shattering; like an ambulance howl.
I don’t turn a deaf ear to their outlandish barking. Friends are getting used to it; or maybe losing hearing in certain ranges. It’s like they say, we have freedom of speech in this country, but it comes with a price.
Why brag on about corgis caterwauling day and night? With a shrill yap, short gray hair, and a bunion, I have joined their ranks. It’s all I ever do, like a corgi in a cat house, I ya-hoodle on and on about this book. You can’t shut me up.
Please buy it. Now’s a good time; Amazon has it marked down. Maybe they’ve given up on me already, but it’s a few dollars cheaper now. If you’ve already read it, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, Goodreads, and/or Barnes and Noble. It only takes a minute to jot down a few words, but the difference on this side is huge. I’d appreciate it–and I say that in the heartfelt tone that Walter uses when it’s pizza night.
WEEKLY UPDATE: Stable Relation has been out just less than a month. This week 31 books sold, taking the total to 319. It’s a strong number for a dark horse like us, but barely a raindrop in the ocean. (Our Amazon rank is 24,325.) Three book talks are in the works and I’m hoping for more. And everyday I get comments and emails that let me know this book has struck a chord with a wide range of people. I am very grateful, thank you for reading and recommending it.
And because I am a woof-tastic, yodel-ific corgi for PR work, (it isn’t a lie so much as an affirmation) I’ve followed the “I’ll do it myself” tradition and made a book trailer. It was totally within my publicity budget, by the way. What do you think?
Stable Relation Book Trailer

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0 thoughts on “Yodeling, Yapping, and Ya-hoodling: A Book Trailer.”

  1. Anna – I purchased the e-book Stable Relations, and I have to tell you I was sucked into your life from the very first sentence.
    I laughed at the antics of the goats and Ernest, and cried at the loss of Windy, Dodger and (I’m sorry to say I don’t remember his name and trying to find something in an e-book is almost imp) your first llama boy.
    You left me wanting more, a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to meet Walter, Preacher man and Edgar Rice Burro.
    I hope that a sequel is in the works.
    With warm wishes

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. I’m writing a couple of things and compiling some blogs… looking forward to more writing. Nice to know it will be welcome. Thanks for reading.

  2. I’m a close friend of Diane Alexander who recommended your book to me. Talk about the perfect book at the perfect time. I’m in transition after my husband death so your experiences and wisdom are better than a doctor’s order. Thank you so much,
    PS Oh yes, we have a few traits in common!

    • My condolences on your loss. Life is all one transition or another, I wish you well. If we are kindred, along with Diane, all the better. Take care and thank you.

  3. You know what really sucks? I finally got my hands on you book (after weeks of waiting), I read it and – I don’t like it! Seriously. I mean, how absurd is this? I love your blog, I love your writing but the book does not strike a cord in me at all. I don’t intend to be mean, I just assume you appreciate honesty. Do you still want me to review it on Amazon? It would be a 3-star, just to let you know 🙂

    • I am so sorry to disappoint you, Nadja. I know how anxious you were to get it, and I wish the end result was different, but I respect your opinion. Memoir is a different genre and I thought long and hard about this book’s content, knowing that it wouldn’t please everyone but believing that some of the topics needed to be talked about anyway. I do appreciate your honesty and I welcome all reviews. Again, sorry for the let down.

      • Yours actually is the first memoir I’ve read – or at least what I remember. In retrospect I assume that after reading the book I felt I didn’t know you better (which somehow I expected to). I will keep reading your posts as long as you keep writing though 🙂


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