Photo and Poem: No Other


You are wise to not let me see,
stoic one. Show not your age,
certainly not a weakness. Be
brown or tan, earth tones that

don’t draw attention, blend
with the herd camouflaged on
the land. Turning your head to
reveal a shock of lightning, a

white star centered above wary
eyes, a swirl of coarser hair that
stands like frost on dark wood.
No other horse just the same.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

13 thoughts on “Photo and Poem: No Other”

  1. Perfect. Anna, could I share your poem in our Rescue newsletter (with attribution and a link to your blog, of course)? This is one of the things we try to teach people about horses and I think they’d appreciate and learn from it.

  2. Anna,
    Lovely, and yes — (Lynell) each Thoroughbred is as distinct as a fingerprint.
    (A friend gave me a hoof print of my horse, sealed and in a frame. Forever. A wonderful gift.

    I have discovered my Thoroughbred’s great loves: hand-walking on the trails and games.
    I started studying the excellent Frederic Pignon and his wife Magalia (founders of Cavalia).
    Within only two days, Captain Jack (aged 12) has picked up a number of liberty moves and is learning frisbee, too.
    He adores the liberty games, is even more playful than usual and always returns to me after each new move as if to ask,
    “Did I get that?”
    Finding what their hearts love — that’s the secret.
    I hope to videotape soon.


  3. I wish I had thought of the word Peggy used above… .”haunting” .. perfect word for this poem. I love haunting words like these. .. How wonderful that you can teach and expand awareness with poetry !

  4. Just lovely Anna. I’ve always been an avid reader, fiction, non-fiction, everything EXCEPT poetry. You have changed that.

    Thank you.


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