Photo and Poem: Spring Thaw


The air hung heavy, strangely moist for a
desert prairie. Dense fog as rare as raindrops.
The ice on the pond began to sweat; it’s been
frozen silent for months but slowly water eased

at the shore, the weathered gray ice giving way
to a fresh surface to mirror the sky, signaling birds
they are welcome back. The air filled with traffic;
honking geese stake out shore rest, the Mallards

quacking just behind. Meadowlark songs from
fence posts loud enough to wake the hibernating
grasses and make trees shiver down to their twigs.
Just when the fallow pasture seemed to have given

up hope and the monotony of winter had worn
tired ruts in the most stoic of hearts, improbable
but right on schedule, the pond screeched and
squawked back to life, newfangled and miraculous.

Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward 

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Anna Blake

10 thoughts on “Photo and Poem: Spring Thaw”

  1. Spring will be more welcome than ever this year. Hope everyone “here” is safe & being careful.
    Our NY gov. seems to be on the ball regarding this virus mess.
    Be safe

  2. One of the best times of the year – thaw… Not so obvious here in central TX but there ARE signs, certain birds swoop in to old nesting spots, the trees buds swell out with all the rain we’ve gotten and the danged fire ants come to the surface. These are not so welcome. Having grown up in New England, I was not introduced to THOSE things, but we had an order of progression back there too. Mud season, black fly season, followed by the mosquitoes, apple blossom season and on…

  3. I have a bit of opposition reflex: Brrr-winter but NO flies! Spring not yet sprung-but don’t have to mow the lawn! Summer stifling hot-but water hoses not frozen! Autumn-oh, dear. Nothing opposite to say about that time of year!


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