Photo & Poem: The Call


To feel the red soil, fine dust to pea gravel, with
each toe through the sole of my shoe. To feel held
by the earth, rooted and dear. Soften one knee
with deliberate balance, shift weight gradually to

the other foot and then sway back, to feel the hip
roll follow the first to a figure of eight, as subtle
and sweet as the crisp breeze that seeps past my
lips, cools the throat and settles belly deep, asking

my ribs to make room. When the air gains body
temperature it rises back up, melting shoulder blades
down, releasing my neck tall before passing my
tongue, a sauntering gush of heat. A circle complete,

like the ocean’s tide under the moon, breath rises
and crashes again, spent to the air. He wills it, one
fetlock softens to weight the other, and a hoof lifts,
red dust hangs timeless, as he’s drawn to the warmth.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

10 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: The Call”

  1. Oh my. So grounding. So centering. So moving.
    May I read it aloud at a workshop this weekend?
    Love the photo too!
    Thank you once again.

  2. Oh my gosh, the sweet softness and love in this. So extra special. THIS is the feeling I want to have with me when I’m with my horses. Heck, I want this all the time.

    Thank you. Always.

  3. Wonderful, Anna! I’m saving it in my “Anna Folder” where I can reread favorites. That folder provides my personal extension of “Horse Prayers”.

    • Thanks Jean. I like your vote of confidence. (Next book is poetry, in spite of the dismal sales of the last one. Just one more way that I’m good with being bad at math. 🙂 )

  4. I think my own personal word for “halleluiah” is going to forever be, from this moment forward “exalation!” So beautiful and evocative and it makes me want to ride Down Under.


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