Photo & Poem: To Soar


Alone in the sky, her broad wings create
their own horizon, as she dips one edge
for a soaring arc that ignores property
lines, her prairie without boundaries. Too

high to be hunting, does she glory in her
body, coursing on the air on this warm winter
day? Her massive body as dense and black
as her head and tail are white, translucent in

the sunlight, impossibly high yet stark across
the blue sky. We shade our eyes, suspended
helpless in our wonder, squinting to keep her
in our sight, to hold her with our longing. She

sees us, too, rooted to the sandy ground. We
have nothing she needs, lifting wings to fly
on but, then she tips her opposite wing, one
last soaring arc; her beautiful indifference.


(Video Credit: Bethany Geiger)

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

8 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: To Soar”

  1. “Suspended helpless in wonder”, I’m with you Anna. Every time they soar above my head in the pasture, sometimes close enough to see the detail of their yellow talons; I think what a privilege it is to witness their majesty. I also think about all the people who never witness such miracles first hand. This direct connection to nature and moments like these help to balance some of the more difficult moments associated with caring for this property and it’s equine inhabitants.

    • Yes. Often I think it’s birds that cross that line between “domestic” and wild. Usually to build nests in the rafters. This is a whole other thing. Thanks Laurie.


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