The Simple Truth About Complicated Training

It was back around the time the light bulb was invented. My Grandfather Horse was a lanky spooky colt, I was still biting my lip instead of breathing, and my mentor put a western saddle on her stallion and attached her tackle box and pole to go fishing, (but the same thing might happen if … Read more

Affirmative Training for Colts and Fillies

  Foals are irresistible. They are precocious and lively; they cavort and air gallop and sleep flat-out. When they wake up, they’re an inch taller and even more curious about the world than before their nap. They have newborn piaffes and sliding stops. They jump like frogs. They are a fresh start, a whole new … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Live a day in my life, walk a mile in my shoes, before you judge me. Well, judge sounds harsh, understand is a better word. But here is my day: Curiosity, communication and some manure. It’s a fair trade. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I … Read more

Back to School Time.

It’s that time again- the sun’s a bit late in the morning. Geese are starting migration and horses are growing hair. School buses are out in full force. It’s been 40 years since I got summers off to play and ride, and then lost sleep over what to wear back the first day of school. … Read more