Creaky Old Horses, and the Women Who Love Them.

I have a Grandfather Horse. People say he looks good, all things considered. I notice the standard for looking good drops a little more every year, just like his back. The same is probably true for me… He has his very own veal pen at night; a private place he can enjoy his special mush, … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

My Grandfather Horse had an emergency vet call this week. He’s okay now, but I’ll be even more particular in his feeding, which is already very particular. His legs are thick and tired, and his eyesight is bad. He’s an old 26 this year. The vet told me horses don’t get dementia, but I don’t … Read more

Surviving Old Age: Part One.

Can we talk about surviving old age?  It isn’t mine I’m worried about. It’ll catch up without any help from me. I am more concerned with the herd here at Infinity Farm. We used to positively percolate with vitality and there was a dancing  joie de vivre here on the windy, treeless prairie. Everyone bounded … Read more