Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Our GRANDfather horse holds a special position of respect in our herd. He has lead with kind fairness, and now we all want to return the favor, we all want to protect him. Cold weather is cruel to old bodies, and in the afternoon light, a young gelding stands watch while the sun warms his … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

My candle burns at both ends’ It will not last the night; But, ah, my foes, and oh, my friends- It gives a lovely light!  –Edna St. Vincent Millay. Walter, resident light source at Infinity Farm. No one does it any better. Always the same mood, always the same wattage, always the same goal. And … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Eary: The farm version. (And just the way we like him.) Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone. No psych, definitely not high-tech.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Infinity Farm is a pretty colorful place, a vibrant palette of sky and landscape, with bold, iridescent personalities in our herd of many species. I still think our overall hue is gray, somewhere between black and white on the continuum. Gray is the color of fog and deception, or in our case, this in-between hue … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

There is a space inside of a horse that has no borders, no ceiling, no base. It’s an infinite space and this is the way in. Lay down your ego, let your edges grow soft. Still your brain and breathe with your heart.  Now, come on in and let the real ride begin. Anna Blake, … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Good Morning. Top of the day to you! Morning is my favorite time of day. It’s a chance to say thanks and start over, at the same time. I nicker back, throw some hay, and marvel at my amazing good fortune. Good morning to the art and miracle of life! Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Saturated. Drenched. Soaked. And feeling fine about it. The summer started with fire and evacuations, and ended with a month of monsoon. Some of us humans feel a bit run around by the weather this summer. Horses like to run around in the weather. Fundamental difference. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

It’s an Equine Line. They do it a lot. They sleep in lines, walk in lines, graze in lines. Here two horses walk with Edgar Rice Burro, an equine cousin, trying to look as much like him as they can. Same ears, same eyes. Edgar is a bit of an inspiration around here, not just … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

  Donkeys, like Edgar Rice Burro, have a different point of view than horses. They manage to be both proud and humble. Donkeys are very intelligent, yet the common belief is that they are stubborn. The truth is that donkeys require courtesy. And their sense of self is strong enough to not tolerate bullying. Once … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

A foggy day, a photo out of focus, and a gray cloud of a horse, cantering. The only thing focused is him, his eyes on my eyes, his ears hearing his name. Focus is the place that partnership lives. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Carefree. Living in the moment really does lighten the load. She was three weeks old here, and her feet barely reached the ground. Now, five years later, and she’s still the just the same, tail flagged and nose in the wind. Flaunt the Now! May we all spend some time today being a little more … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

There are always two ways to see things. On one hand, horses can look like big, dull beasts of burden, not capable of much on the intellect side. Sometimes ‘horse’s ass’ is the insult of choice between humans. Look at them from a different perspective, and those asses are the high power end of a … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Masterpiece usually refers to a work of art. My first (35 yr.) career was as an artist and I loved the work of making art. I understand the concept that a single piece might be special, but to me the artist’s real masterpiece is their entire body of work. Each work informs the others, the … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

My Grandfather Horse had an emergency vet call this week. He’s okay now, but I’ll be even more particular in his feeding, which is already very particular. His legs are thick and tired, and his eyesight is bad. He’s an old 26 this year. The vet told me horses don’t get dementia, but I don’t … Read more