Training Advice for Horses in the Spring

    “Egads, stand back! It’s spring and all those flighty chestnut Arabians are reactive nut cases. Afraid of everything. Downright dangerous. Whoa, now. Settle down, big fella!” Spring can be an unsettling time. Yes. I take blog requests and this is the big complaint. Really, year-round, but it’s especially fresh with post-hibernation hung-over indignation … Read more

Photo & Poem: Waiting Out the Storm

  Rusty coat, a spiky mane, and a spotted blanket, he would have been a firecracker of a colt, plain to see who he once was. After coming here, he took the risk, slowly lowering to the ground, his tense head high. Even longer to let lie his wary reluctance to touch; he kept himself … Read more