Gratitude for the Glorious Gift of Poop.

This is how you can tell there is a tourist in the barn: they keep their eyes on the ground and there’s lots of erratic tiptoeing. Some even squeal at the sight of manure. I call it Fecalphobia- an irrational fear of digestive waste. Thankfully, humans are the only species prone to the disease. (Nincompoops.) Everybody … Read more

Speed Dating Rescue Horses- and Slaughter.

“Hey, Little Red-haired Girl, I have your pony here!!!” Meet Bailey, my most recent date. If you follow my blog, you know I work with Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. ( Rescue horses come to Infinity Farm- one at a time, for a 2 or 3 week stay. It’s a like speed dating! Two weeks isn’t enough … Read more

Part Three: Thanksgiving Every Day.

Christmas is bearing down, getting closer every day, and I continue to defiantly focus on Thanksgiving, a week away. I know- super human. When I started writing this Thanksgiving series with a Barn/Church analogy, I wanted to highlight the spiritual connection that can exist at the barn. Part one (read) was the Beginning Meditation/Grooming and … Read more

Part Two: Thanksgiving Every Day.

Last week I had a bit of a Christmas rant (read) and declared I would celebrate Thanksgiving until New Years. I feel better already. I followed with, “And if thanksgiving is my religion, then the barn will be my church.” I know I run the danger of offending a wide range of religious and spiritual … Read more