Poetry Out Loud: Loss



By request. Thanks, everyone.

The sun leaves just the sky behind,
a watery arch over the prairie,
and my feet cling to the ground
unwilling to let loose of this day
for its beauty and possibility

and loss. There is always loss.
In the moment of light remaining
just a pause to ask my jaw to
soften; to be glad of the sadness
that marks this day worthy of memory,

giving dimension to silhouettes
and music to the moments that grow
special in hindsight. Moments that
lift my stride again, fixed to a
simple wealth of earth and sky.





Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward

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Anna Blake

13 thoughts on “Poetry Out Loud: Loss”

  1. Potent & moving. My chest tightens as my heart braces against the same force that triggers tears while the memories tumble around in my mind.
    You Anne, are a master of giving emotions just the right words.
    Thank you.

  2. Many would agree that a poem’s stature can be elevated when delivered by a voice such as yours. But the power of the printed word is like walking along a wooded path. It allows me to pause at a phrase that gives personal meaning, perhaps go back and visit that phrase once more, reflect on it, then continue on to find yet another phrase as I form a picture in my mind’s eye. Color me a lingerer as I follow along.
    Thank you, Anna. And I surely will enjoy both forums you so generously provide!

  3. Anna, I can’t remember when I last had the luxury of reading your treasured writings since the onset of the pandemic. The public health agency I work for reassigned my nursing skills to the Covid 19 response in elder communities. This morning when I saw your title of “Loss”, I couldn’t bookmark it to read later (in another life). I am so very sorry for your loss, and all your losses. I am in awe of your strength to embrace them. Listening to your poem, I was startled by the number and types of losses that flooded my mind. I realized that your writings have been an invaluable source of introspection, understanding, and comfort for me……which I have been without for months (another loss). It’s hard to understand why I’ve not made an effort to meet my own needs during a time when I stand amid a sea of loss. Thank you for the reminder.

    • I have so much respect for the work you do. It must be a rolling sort of loss, in a world that doesn’t seem like the one we knew. I am in awe of all that you embrace to do your job. Thank you so much, and I recommend self-care by sunset. Thanks, Laurie.


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