Poetry Out Loud: Wish


I’m changing things up a bit. I’ll be posting video of my poetry being read on Mondays. You can find us on Facebook live at 8am on my author page here  and if there is interest, I’ll post the videos here, as well. It’s all in prep for my new poetry collection this fall, Horse. Woman. I’m in the final edit, and working with a pen and ink illustrator.

To begin, the first poem from Horse Prayers.


Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward

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22 thoughts on “Poetry Out Loud: Wish”

  1. Oh my, I LOVE that photo. Says it all. I have one of my Morgan that is similar. The little girl who is about to get on him is holding her hands to her heart as she is so thrilled.

  2. I don’t usually think of myself as a “poetry” reader but I will say that I loved this! I also needed this today. Thank you, I can’t wait til next Monday to hear more.

  3. Do you think you could include closed-captions for those who can’t hear? You can add them on Youtube. I love your poetry and my friends do too.

      • If it were possible to add closed-captions that would be wonderful so those who can’t hear could look at your expressions as you say your words, but having the poem posted below would work. I know you already have a lot of work and that recording your poetry adds to that.

        Thank you so much. We all love them and look forward to reading, and now hearing, them. Your words are so poignant and thought-provoking. I lost my beloved horse many years ago, but you bring her back to life for me. It’s a priceless gift.

        • Thank you, Joanne, for the kind words. I did check closed captioning out. It’s complicated, but it also seems like an area of technology that is changing. I will keep looking for a workable solution; the technology is there. In the meantime, I’ll post the poem. This live reading stuff is new to me; I’ll figure it out.

  4. This is so deep, and full of Truth. You Anna, are the Sage who helps us to Re-member, to become whole again, thank you.

  5. Hope you will continue to send out a written version of your poems for those of us who live in remote locations with weak and unreliable wifi. I could see you but not hear properly? Not just my old ears and aging laptop.


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