Photo & Poem: Girl-Cousin

Seems every farm family had one in a generation; a distant misfit girl-cousin who read too much or wore men’s jeans or hated to cook. As soon as she could, she traveled away to Portland to work in a library or to Tucson to be an artist. The family only whispered her name then, kitchen … Read more

Thankful for You.

  I’m doing something different today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. When I started my blog, almost eight years ago now, I had a nebulous thought. It was inane, and simplistic, and lacked any kind of forward-thinking plan. And it was personal. I wanted to help horses, simply because they have helped me. You have … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

WM Shadow Spirit Art.jpeg

Yellow solstice to blue. I’ve lost
count of the seasons. Was that
the year of the big blizzard?
Or was it after the old gelding
retired? These are the things

that I do remember: The quality
of the air from the back of a horse.
Bittersweet light easing to dusk.
And a certain plain comfort that
there are chores to be done.


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